Sushi Buffet @ Suki Sushi Restaurant (AMK)

26 08 2008

Today is 09 June 2008 (Mon).
This afternoon, Yongsen, Eric & I went to the Suki Sushi @ AMK to have our sushi lunch buffet. Actually there are 2 types of sushi lunch buffet being offered @ Suki Sushi i.e. S$9.90++ (limited sushi buffet) & S$19.90++ (student price for the full sushi buffet). The former is sort of limited in its sushi offerings i.e. there are many types of sushi which we were not entitled to enjoy if we were to take this package. As for the latter, it offers a lot more variety of sushi which includes handroll, sashimi etc.

After spending some time on comparing the 2 buffet packages, we finally decided to take the S$19.90++ (final price=S$24/pax) one. We spent abt 2 hrs continuously eating & ordering. From handrolls, sashimi to chawamushi to gyoza etc, indeed we really enjoyed the buffet. In term of food quality, I would say their standard are OK (as in “still can eat” type). As for their service, IMHO I feel that their service crews are OK as well…though I expected more smiles on their faces (haha…pai say, ‘cos I took a module on ‘Service Mktg’ in Uni b4, hence a bit demanding on the service aspect).

Overall, we were satisfied with our dining exoerience @ Suki Sushi (AMK). However, I was quite disappointed with them in several areas. 1st of all, its on their miso soup. Their miso soup was very different from the 1 which I have eaten b4. Theirs were served in a very big bowl with a lot of green vegetables & fish cakes. IIRC, miso soup should be served in a small bowl & the ingredients should consist of tofu and seaweeds mah…Anyway not a big problem though, the most, next time I dun order miso soup lo…HAHA. Next, Suki Sushi is very stingy lo…how can they charge S$0.50/glass for ice water! Isn’t that an ‘expected svc’ which should be provided FOC to all customers?! IIRC other than Secret Recipe (Singapore), this is another restaurant which charges customers for ice water. Last but not least, I am oso very displeased with their indoor ventilation system. Really very poor ventilation system….it stinked me the whole day! YUCKS~

After our lunch buffet, we then went to AMK HUB to walk walk (saw 2 of my uni friends whom I wished I hv not seen them…Hai~). After which, we then proceeded to Suntec City to meet up with Liangji for dinner & to give him the bag which I helped him to buy in Bangkok.

That night, we parted @ ard 10pm.


P/S: This blog entry was 1st published on 11 June 2008 @ 10:00 PM. Reposted on 26 August 2008.




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